Water Quality Smart System

Water is probably our most important resource and water quality therefore an important topic. As a person responsible for the water network, combining locations and installations, a constant view on key parameters is a crucial part of your daily activities.

What if you could get access to the quality of your complete water network from anywhere and at anytime? What if you could get quickly informed when you need to take some action?

Visualize your equipment and keep an eye on the quality of the water in all your network

Get access to the quality of your water from anywhere and get quickly informed when an action is necessary. Combine several locations and build an overview on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Choose between different sets of measurement principles (pH, conductivity, SAK, turbidity, ammonium, nitrat, oxygen, sludge level and more) supported, enabling you to monitor what is important to you
  • Combine multiple locations and build an overview of your water network
  • Visualize your equipments and measurement on your smart device - wherever and whenever you need it
  • Set alarms and notifications and make it perfectly fitting to your requirements