Smart System for Surface Water

Good water quality is essential for good life quality. Surface water in rivers or lakes is susceptible to various environmental and human influences. Our Smart System for Surface Water helps you to automatically monitor the quality of surface water in a smart and easy way.

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people live in the Nile delta

You can imagine how many people globally live close to rivers and lakes. Therefore the water in rivers or lakes has a high impact on human life. This means we need to care about its quality.

How to manage water quality in a smart way

Water in rivers or lakes can easily get out of balance. Seasonal, environmental and human influences can destabilize the quality of surface water. Since, in a digitalized world, we tend to require more and more digital information, it seems obvious to gather and deliver water quality data in a smart way.

With our Smart System for Surface Water you can access the measuring values on your smartphone or transfer them to other systems – e.g. for smart city applications.

  • Check whether the water contains enough dissolved oxygen to ensure healthy aquatic life.
  • Control conductivity and derived salinity for pollution indication.
  • Measure the pH level – one of the most important water quality parameters – to evaluate acidity.
Surface water of a river monitored by the Endress+Hauser Smart System

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Smart System
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Water quality check made easy

Our Smart System for Surface Water enables you to constantly and easily measure the quality of water in rivers and lakes or any other type of surface water. See all relevant information on your smartphone. Stay informed on the current conditions of your lakes and rivers. The system also informs you whenever a sensor needs service. You can either execute the installation and service on your own or let an Endress+Hauser service technician help you.

The Smart System is a single package containing the measuring sensors which you can install at the relevant measuring spots. Plus, you register online and download your Smart Systems App.

Monitoring the water quality of lakes and rivers has never been so easy.

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Functionality of the Smart System

The Smart System enables you to easily...

Fish in clean water

Ensure Water Quality

With our Smart System for Surface Water you measure relevant water quality parameters with high-end sensors. You simply install the sensors and they will measure constantly. Now you can be sure that the water quality is under your control.

Your advantages:

  • Permanent measurement
  • Sensors for relevant parameters
  • All you need in one package

Map on a smartphone showing installed Smart Systems

Check Values on Your Smartphone

The sensors transmit the measuring values safely to your smartphone. So you can easily check the values on your smartphone - no matter where you are. You can also set up and view the measuring location on a map in your Smart Systems App.

Your advantages:

  • Remote value check
  • Visualization and evaluation function
  • Safe storage of the measuring data

Smart System notifications on a smartphone

Receive Alarm Notifications

You are able to set up alarms so that you receive a notification on your smartphone in case of emergencies. This way you save time checking values because you can rely on receiving a message whenever a limit value is violated.

Your advantages:

  • Defining individual limit values
  • Receiving alarms directly
  • Quick action made possible

How to purchase your Smart System

Which parameters are crucial for surface water?

monitoring of conductivity in water


The conductivity measured in water indicates how easily the water can pass electrical current. A high amount of ions (deriving from dissolved salts or inorganic materials) leads to high conductivity level. The pollution of water (e.g. by chemicals) might be a reason of a high conductivity. This makes conductivity an important water quality parameter.

Surface water should usually have a conductivity of 500 to 1000 µS/cm. If these limit values are exceeded, it is recommended to identify the source of the deviant conductivity. In cases of natural reasons, it might be sufficient to prohibit swimming and restrict water withdrawal. If there are unnatural reasons for the increased conductivity, contact nearby factories and start remedy activities.

monitoring of the ph value in water


The pH value indicates to what extent the water is acidic or alkaline. Natural bodies of water usually have a pH value between 6,5 and 8,5. Too high or too low pH values can lead to illness or death of fish, plants and microorganisms. For instance, a pH value of <4 or>10.5 will lead to the death of all native fish species.

If a too high pH value is registered, it needs to be checked whether natural or unnatural sources have caused the deviation. If pollution is the reason for exceeded pH values, contact nearby factories and start remedy activities. In cases of natural reasons, it might be necessary to prohibit swimming and restrict water withdrawal. It might be possible to resolve long-term deviations by adding chalk to the water.

monitoring of dissolved oxygen in water

Dissolved Oxygen

Aquatic life is dependent on a sufficient concentration of dissolved oxygen. Surface water typically has an oxygen concentration of 9.2 mg/l at 20 °C, 14.5 mg/l at 0 °C. However, the level of dissolved oxygen in surface water can change quickly, e.g. due to plankton activities or anaerobic processes. Oxygen depletion can lead the death of aquatic life.

Surface water that is used by human beings should have a sufficient oxygen level. The depletion of oxygen (which for instance might result from algal blooms) can harm plants and animals. Please recommend people not to use the lake or pond in such cases.

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Smart System
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