Smart Systems

Our smartphone has become an essential part of our life: We use it every day and take it with us wherever we go.

Wouldn't it make sense to manage our measuring data also on our smartphone? Wouldn't you like to have access to the data of your measuring points from anywhere and at any time? What if you would get quickly informed when you need to take some action?

Choose a smart way of monitoring your measuring data

Make it easy to manage your measuring data: The Smart Systems by Endress+Hauser are packages of smart sensors that are able to communicate with your smartphone. Having the Smart Systems App installed on your smartphone, you can check and manage the information wherever you are. In case of triggered events you directly receive a notification on your smartphone. And the connectivity between sensor and smartphone app is realized easily. You can set up the Smart System on your own and start your intelligent monitoring right away.

Checking your measuring data with your smartphone app is as simple as checking your messages.

  • Choose a package of smart sensors to measure relevant parameters
  • Connect the sensors to your smartphone by using our specific connectivity solutions
  • Visualize and manage your equipment and measurement data on your smartphone - wherever and whenever you need it
  • Set up alarms and notifications according to your requirements
Functionality of the Smart System
Aquaculture fish farm monitored by the Endress+Hauser Smart System

Smart System for Aquaculture

The water quality in aquacultures massively influences fish health. Check your water to ensure a healthy stock.

  • Supervise the water quality in fish farms automatically
  • Reduce fish mortality rates and increase feed conversion ratio

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Surface water of a river monitored by the Endress+Hauser Smart System

Smart System for Surface Water

The quality of surface water in lakes and rivers has a major impact on environmental conditions and human health.

  • Supervise the quality of surface water automatically
  • Reduce risks of contaminated water and save costs

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How to purchase your Smart System