Christmas Tale

How the Health app saved Christmas for little Eliot

Santa Claus brought a gift from Endress+Hauser and was able to save Eliot's Christmas. Find out how you can get the same gift and help children, too.

Back in a small town in Britain, the little boy Eliot wanted to make his sister Sarah particularly happy. Like all members of the familiy, Sarah was a great football fan. But she was totally sad because she had lost her scarf of her favourite football club.

That's why Eliot wanted to give her the best Christmas present: a chocolate football from the local chocolate factory.

But what a nightmare for Eliot?! The local chocolate factory had a production downtime! And no one could fix the issue.

The children would like to celebrate Christmas
The reindeer notices the production downtime and informs Santa

Luckily, one of Santa Claus' reindeers lived in the nearby forest and noticed the problem. The reindeer sent Santa a smartphone message. Santa came over and asked for the maintenance manager in the factory.

"Christmas hasn't arrived yet, but I already have a present for you now: the Health app by Endress+Hauser. Connect your assets to Health and Health tells you which one has a problem." So they did.

"The flow meter in the chocolate pipeline needs maintenance", said the maintenance manager and asked an expert to repair it. The production could move on and Eliot could get the chocolate football.

"You know", said Santa, "I could offer you Health already before Christmas because Endress+Hauser offers the basic version for free. Everyone can use it."

After chatting and having a couple of truffles with a cherry liquor, Santa decided to take the bus to the next hotel instead of driving his sleigh. But what did he see on one of the seats in the bus: a lonesome football scarf. "That must be the one that Eliot's sister lost." I'll give it to him so that he'll have two fanstastic football presents for the little girl."

So Eliot's and Sarah's Christmas was saved.

Santa gives the Health app to the factory
Industrial Maintenance with Health: X-Mas charity

How can the Health app help you to resolve downtimes in your plant? Click on the button to find out. Get Health for free. It's a gift from Endress+Hauser.

And until the end of this year, for each new Health registration Endress+Hauser will donate 1 $ for charity:
Streetfootballworld - changing the world through football.

So you can help saving Christmas for many kids, too.

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Disclaimer: This is a fictional story that does not refer to any particular person.