Asset Health Monitoring

Unplanned downtimes in a producing facility put a lot of pressure on the team. Reacting quickly when something unexpected is happening or even preventing failures are daily concerns we have to deal with.

What if you could be connected to your assets and get instructions helping you to act quickly when a failure happens? What if you have access to an overview about all assets to identify possible upcoming failures? Sounds quite interesting doesn't it?

Connect your assets, monitor their health status and prevent failures

Get connected to your assets, monitor their health status and react quickly to unexpected failures using remedy instructions. Combine historical health information and pro-actively prevent failure.

  • Easily connect to your assets and get dedicated health information
  • React quickly to unexpected failure with cause and remedy instructions - right at your fingertips
  • Gain a deeper knowledge about the health of your assets and learn how to prevent them from failure in the future
  • Access your asset data and history from anywhere